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Real Life Of Metal Halide Bulb

The Shocking Truth of the Life of a Metal Halide Bulb

Metal halide bulbs have a relatively short life span compared to new technologies that are available today. We are going to share with you the "shocking truth" that you may not realize if you are the owner of metal halide fixtures and some of the causes of premature bulb failure.  

What is the "shocking truth"

400 Watt Metal Halide Lamps can Lose up to 50% Light Output At About 50% Of The Life Of The Bulb... 

How long a lamp lasts and how long it's good for are two totally different things. Most lamp manufacturers rate their 400 watt MH lamps between 16,000 and 20,000 hours. 

So what does that give you? Well, you get a fixture that gives you the equivalent of 200 watts of light for the cost of 400.....pretty sweet deal isn't it?   If you think so, you may want to look at an LED Energy Efficient Lighting Solution.  


See additional information posted at Tennis Lighting: The Life & Slow Death of Metal Halide

1,000 Watt Metal Halide Lamps Lose 50% Even Faster...

Sadly, it doesn't get any better with a larger fact it’s much worse. 1,000 watt MH lamps are rated for a life of around 11,000 hours. So in keeping in the characteristics of metal halide they would produce the light output of a 400 watt MH lamp in roughly 5,000 to 6,000 hours of use. This means that you are only getting 50% of the output from your 1,000 watt MH, but you are still burning 1150 watts.  

You are getting 1/2 the light for 100% of the cost of operating the fixture.  Is that a good deal? If you re-lamped your facility it would take just over a year for you to be down to the light levels of a 400 watt MH lamp. The bad part is lamps and ballasts don't care if you’re not getting full light output, they will spin the meter just as fast on day 500 as they did on day 1. 

The only real loser is the business owner footing the bill for electricity. 

Can't You Just Replace the Bulbs More Often?

Realistically with a metal halide lamp that burns 12 hrs. per day you should be re lamping every 2 years, even if the lamp still works. The reason being is that the lamp is only giving you 55%-60% of the light it's supposed to but you are still paying for 100% of the light! Generally these high power fixtures are at a high mounting height which will require an expensive lift to replace the lamps adding to the expense of re-lamping. 

We have proposed energy efficient lighting solutions to companies before and had them scoff at any numbers I have shown that consider payback in regards to maintenance savings. 

Additional causes of premature Metal Halide Lamp failure and reduced lumen output; 

Vibration or impact will cause filament breakage and shortened lamp life. Metal Halide Lamps are very fragile. Do not drop, crush, bend or shake them. Vibration from wind to exterior lights or lights mounted on machinery. 

24/7 operation – Metal Halide fixtures need to be shut off periodically For continuously operating lamps, allowing a 15-minute shutdown for every seven days of continuous operation.  

End of life behavior - At the end of life, metal-halide lamps exhibit a phenomenon known as cycling. This causes the lamp to glow for a while and then goes out, repeatedly. In rare occurrences the lamp explodes at the end of its useful life.

DANGER! Metal Halide lamps operate at extremely high temperatures that can cause serious physical injuries and property damage and increase AC load. 

Dust & insects drawn to the fixture reflector and inside the glass lens from the heat created by the Metal Halide lamp will reduce the amount of light to the ground.  The UV light & heat from metal halide bulbs attracts insects, further degrading the light output.  


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