Brite Green LED Fishing Lights

How to attract more fish at night with LED Lighting

Green and white wavelengths of light are most attractive to plankton which is the primary food of many baitfish. With plankton attracted to the light in the water baitfish move in which attracts the gamefish.   

White light works but white light is quickly absorbed in the water so does not penetrate very deep. 

Green and blue light have shorter wavelengths than white so penetrate deeper and maintain their color to greater depths.   

Blue light is better for crystal clear water, in less the crystal clear green penetrates better. 

Blue light works best in salt watter.

The rumor is that a red bikini turns transparent under the green light. 

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Brite Green LED Floodlights

Brite Green LED Floodlights can be used on Docks, Fishing Piers, Jetties, Fishing Boats and cover a large area to attract more fish for you to catche

Brite Green LED Underwater Lights

Brite Green LED Underwater Lights are submerged to attract a depth where the gamefish are. They are used from boats, fishing piers and docks

LED Lights for Hunting

Green and Red LED Lights can be used for hunting

Our LED Flood Lights work great for hunting wild game.

Hogs, Deer, Elk cannot see green or red light so will not be spooked by green or red lights.

Be sure it is legal to hunt after dark.

120 watt 18-32 VDC Titan Green LED Fishing Light


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Corrosion resistant finish, salt spray certified  

Standard fixture colors Grey, Black, Bronze, and White – custom colors available  

Also available as 120-277 VAC & 347-480 VAC AC  

LED Fixtures up to 1,000 watts 

10 light patterns available 

10 year warranty 

Available light colors, Green, Blue, Red, White 3000K – 5700K 

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  1. Fixture Color
  2. Light Pattern
  3. Light Color 

140 watt 12-24 VDC Underwater Green LED Fishing Light


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 Available in Green, Blue, Red and White LED light colors

 6 meter electric cord standard 

We also have 200, 300, 650, 1300 and 2000 watt Underwater LED Fishing Lights     

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  1. Optional cord length
  2. Light Color