LED Solar Lights

Do you have safety and security lighting for the next night time there is a power outage?

Don’t be left in the dark at night during a power failure

When the power goes out, you want to be prepared with alternative light sources.

Benefits of good Outdoor Lighting


Improve Safety and Security for people, property and vehicles with LED Lights, Solar Lights require no electriciy and will operate during a power outage.

Reduce potential liability and costs associated with LED  lighting fixtures

Improve property value – well-lit property and buildings attract tenants, clients, shoppers and employees

Energy Efficiency and environmental stewardship

Enhances backyard recreation – from courts to sports – after dark.

Residential Outdoor Lighting


Adding outdoor lighting is a great way to give you peace of mind about safety and security. 

It's an affordable way to help protect what is most important to you – your family. 

Solar LED Lighting is the solution

 Easy to install  Affordable Solar LED Lighting;

  •  Fully automatic operation -- recharges by day with the sun 
  •  3-4 Rainy days/full power working time 8 hours  
  • Replaceable long-life lithium-ion battery  

40 watt LED Solar Street Light, Solar Garden Light w/motion sensor


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Eagle Star LED Solar Street Light w/motion sensor 

Including mounting bracket

40 watt, 4,000 Lumens

Dusk to Dawn operation

3000k, 4000k, 50ration00k,6000k light color - note this on your order

20 watts, 2000 Lumen & 60 watts, 6000 Lumen lights also available

Saves Energy and is an Eco-Friendly LED Solar Light

Efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panels, all in 1 unit

The photo's show a 40 watt fixture mounted at 9'  

Illuminating a 20'+  lighting radius

2-3 Rainy days/full power working time 8 hours

Easy to install. UV resistant, durable ABS plastic

  • Fully automatic operation -- recharges by day with the sun  
  •  Motion Sensor - 100% w/ motion – 30% w/out motion for additional battery life
  • Replaceable long-life lithium-ion battery  
  • Covered by a 2-year Warranty.